Ghana Embassy Bern
Renunciation Application
Declaration of Renunciation of Citizenship of Ghana Form (Form 13)
  • 1. Curriculum vitae of applicant
  • 2. A declaration that applicant is not indebted to the Government of Ghana (This should be a letter addressed to the Minister for the Interior)
  • 3. Valid and any other expired or cancelled Ghana Passport(s)
  • 4. A copy of applicant’s Austrian Passport or Evidence of Promise of Grant of Austrian citizenship (together with its official English translation)
  • 5. Two (2) recent passport-size photographs, one (1) of which must be affixed to the form on the space provided and applicant’s name written at the back of the other
  • 6. Two (2) self-addressed envelopes (B5-250x176mm) and CHF 30.00 postage fee
  • 7. Processing fee of CHF 300.00

  • The completed form and necessary attendant documentation should be delivered to the Ghana Embassy for onward transmission to the Ministry for the Interior.

    Upon receipt of the documents and subsequent transmission to authorities in Ghana, applicant would be informed of their decision accordingly.
    Please Note: Under the laws of Ghana, a person under the age of twenty-one (21) years is not allowed to renounce his/her Ghanaian citizenship.